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Are you tired of losing customers and seeing high churn rates? A customer onboarding team can help! Our onboarding team will ensure your customers are set up for success with your software from the start. We will hop on a 1-on-1 call to help your clients set up the software & train them on how to use it on a day-to-day basis.

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WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboardings

Our onboarding process is a breeze – just five simple steps:


Step 1

Once your client purchases your offer, they will be directed to a Thank You Page we provide in the Ultimate Done-For-You Onboarding Snapshot. Here, they will see an Explainer Video that explains what to expect from the onboarding process.


Step 2

Your client fills out a pre-onboarding survey and books a 1-Hour Tech Call
& 1-Hour Training Call, so we have all the info we need to set up their sub-account, saving you and your client tons of time.


Step 3

We take that info and get to work setting up their sub-account and filling out the custom values so your client’s sub-account is tailored before ever hopping on a call with our team.


Step 4

Your client has a 1-Hour Tech Call with us to set up their domains, integrations, calendars, phone numbers, establish connections with their social media accounts, and any other technical needs. Afterward, you will receive a copy of the recording and a report on how the call went.


Step 5

Next, we have a 1-Hour Training Call to ensure your client knows exactly how to use your white-labeled HighLevel’s cool features daily. Afterward, you will receive a copy of the recording and a report on how the call went.


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All A-La-Carte onboarding


Pack of 10 Onboarding’s 

(pre-payment) – $129/each


Pack of 25 Onboarding’s 

(pre-payment) – $99/each


GHL Whitelabel Onboardings FAQs

Absolutely! We want to make our services as accessible as possible for everyone. So, if you just need the onboardings without any extra fluff, we’ve got you covered!

You and your team are welcome to join onboarding calls anytime. Simply let your onboarding specialist know you would like to attend, and we will happily add you to the invite. Remember, you also get the recordings after the call, so you can search through a transcript if there is anything you want to key in on.

You betcha! We can totally tailor the onboarding session to focus on the specific HighLevel features you want to explore. Your clients will get the training they need to harness the power of those chosen features like pros!

Once clients sign up for your service, they can usually schedule their onboarding session within 1-3 days. Quick and efficient, right? You can direct them to the Onboarding Intake Funnel included in the Ultimate WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboarding, and we’ll have them onboarded and ready to go in no time!

24/7 chat and Zoom support is included in our Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support!


To get started with the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support, you have several options:

The initial onboarding sessions consist of two parts: a Tech Call, which lasts one hour and covers all integrations (domains, calendars, social media profiles, Google My Business, etc.), and a training call, which lasts up to one hour. The training duration depends on the features you want us to train your clients on.

That is what our Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support Plans are for! Your client doesn’t have to feel like they need to stay on those calls all day to get their needs met. In fact, we want to make sure those calls are directed at getting them set up and that they are simple and clear so you get the highest adoption possible and ultimately retain the client. After they have been onboarded, our Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support allows your clients to chat with our team and hop on Zoom calls with us 24/7.

White-label clients can be onboarded in two languages: Spanish and English. Whether you prefer Spanish or English, our team is dedicated to assisting you through the onboarding process and addressing any inquiries your white-label clients may have in their chosen language. We’re thrilled to support them every step of the way!

Fantastic question! Onboarding calls are like a rocket launch to get your clients all geared up and ready to use your incredible platform! During these calls, we focus on setting things up step-by-step and making it super easy for your clients to get started.


Tech support calls, on the other hand, are like having a superhero sidekick! They come to the rescue whenever your clients need help with technical issues or have any questions about using the platform. Our amazing support team is always here to save the day and keep everything running smoothly! 


So, onboarding gets them all prepped, and tech support keeps them soaring high!

Oh, we’ve got you covered with some super convenient onboarding hours!  Here’s when your clients can get the party started:


Monday to Friday: 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM PST

Saturdays: 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST


We’re here to make your onboarding experience smooth and exciting, no matter the time! Let’s rock this together!

 When you purchase our pre-built snapshots from the Ultimate GoHighLevel Snapshot Marketplace, we provide everything from how to install the snapshot and configure your sub-account, how to set up the snapshot inside your master sub-account before deployment, how to use the snapshot, how to customize the snapshot, and how to deploy the snapshot so you never have to wonder what to do next. Not to mention, we throw in detailed checklists, mind maps, and instructional videos for each step.

If you’re starting with no documentation, don’t worry! We can start with one of our SOPs and customize it as we go. Let’s make the onboarding journey a breeze!

No, we advise against booking onboarding calls for your white-label clients. Doing so may lead to overwriting contacts and causing issues in the onboarding process. We recommend that you allow your clients to book the Tech Call and the Training Call directly with our team. This ensures a smoother and more personalized onboarding experience for each client.

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