Subscription Triggers In Workflows

Subscription Triggers In Workflows

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April 23, 2024 ● 2 min read

Subscription Triggers In Workflows
A boutique fitness studio leverages the Subscription Trigger to manage membership subscriptions more efficiently. For instance, upon a member’s subscription renewal, the CRM can automatically send a personalized email with class schedule updates and exclusive offers, fostering member loyalty and retention.
Subscription Triggers In Workflows: This feature enables businesses to automate processes based on changes in subscription status, enhancing workflow automation and customer communication.

⭐️ Why Does It Matter To Your Business?

  • Automated process management: Businesses can automate actions triggered by subscription status changes, such as subscription creation, activation, or cancellation, streamlining workflow processes and reducing manual intervention.

  • Enhanced customer communication: With access to subscription information in automated emails, businesses can craft personalized messages tailored to different subscription scenarios, improving customer engagement and retention efforts.

  • Flexible workflow customization: The Subscription Trigger offers conditionals and logic options, allowing businesses to create tailored workflows that respond dynamically to subscription status changes, increasing workflow efficiency and adaptability.

⭐️ How To Use Subscription Triggers In Workflows:

  1. Access the “Automation” Tab from the left navigation menu and click on workflows from the upper navigation menu and click on “+Create workflow”.

  2. Pick a template or start from scratch.

  3. In the workflow builder click on “+Add New Trigger” and click on “Subscription” trigger from the trigger list.

  4. Click on “Add filters”.

  5. Now select the filters according to your requirements for example we select the filter “Status”.

  6. Select the operator as we select “IS”.

  7. Select the status according to your requirements as we select Active.

  8. Click on Add filters.

  9. Select the Filter “Global Product”.

  10. Select the Operator and Product.

  11. Now add the Action “Send Email” from the action list.

  12. Click on custom values Icon.

  13. Click on Payments.

  14. Under payment you are able to add the custom values which are related to “Subscription”.

  15. Here you can see all the Custom values which are related to Subscription and can add in email.

  16. Access the “Marketing” tab from the left navigation menu then click on Email > Templates and create new or edit existing ones.

  17. In the email builder click on Custom values icon and then click on Payment.

  18. Under payment you can add the “Subscription” custom values as well in the email builder.

This feature empowers businesses to automate processes, customize customer communications, and streamline workflow management based on subscription status changes, ultimately enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.

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