Recent Updates & Whats Coming Soon?

Recent Updates & Whats Coming Soon?

Software Updates

August 2, 2023 ● 2 min read

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Each month, we talk with the development team about recent updates that were launched & what updates are coming down the road. In this article, we review what all of those exciting enhancements are…

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📅 Calendars Updates:

1. Enhanced Calendar Creation Flow: The platform introduced a redesigned calendar creation flow to enhance the user experience. Now, users can create calendars with a simple and intuitive setup process. The left-hand side allows quick entry of essential details, while the right-hand side provides an advanced view for streamlined configuration.

2. Adding Guests to Appointments: A highly requested feature, the platform now supports adding guests to appointments. When users book appointments, they can invite contacts or leads as guests by sending an invitation via email. The team is already working on extending this capability to class bookings, ensuring a seamless experience for both hosts and guests.

3. Customizable Guest Information: Recognizing that not all contacts may have guest email information readily available, the platform now offers options in the settings. Users can decide whether to collect guest names and emails or just account names during the booking process. This flexibility caters to various use cases and avoids unnecessary contact creations.

Upcoming Calendar Features (Q3):

1. Pay Buffer Time: In response to user feedback, the platform is addressing the confusion around “boost buffer.” A new feature called “pay buffer time” will be introduced. Users will be able to add a buffer time before and after an appointment, streamlining scheduling and reducing confusion.

2. Services Page Customization: To cater to service-based businesses, the platform plans to introduce a customizable services page menu. Users will be able to create segmented service listings, allowing customers to select specific services and book appointments accordingly.

3. Room and Equipment Bookings: An upcoming feature will facilitate the booking of rooms and equipment. Users can create and set room availability and associate them with multiple calendars. This ensures that room bookings are automatically accounted for when scheduling appointments.

4. Multiple Calendars View: In the pipeline, users will have the option to view multiple calendars in a single, organized view. Similar to how Google does it, users can select calendars from various users or groups and manage appointments effectively.

🖥️ Workflow Updates:

1. Affiliate Management Actions: The platform launched new actions to support affiliate management, allowing users to perform various actions related to their affiliate programs.

2. Data Formatting Action: A premium action was introduced to convert and compare dates, making it easier to handle date-related data and conversions.

3. Payment Receipt Trigger: A new trigger was added to handle payment-related information. This trigger provides additional details on payments received from various sources, aiding in payment management.

4. Revamped Workflow UI: The workflow user interface was redesigned to improve the overall user experience. Tables, settings, and execution logs were enhanced for better clarity and ease of use.

Upcoming Workflow Features (Q3):

1. Custom Fields for Opportunities: Users will gain more flexibility and organization options with the ability to create and manage folders and custom fields for opportunities.

2. AI-Powered Chat Action: The platform plans to introduce a premium action powered by ChatGPT, OpenAI’s advanced language model. Users can leverage this action to interact with AI and get responses to various prompts.

3. Save Customer Book Response: A useful enhancement that enables users to save and utilize API responses to update custom fields and handle data more effectively.

4. Improved Workflow UI: The ongoing efforts to enhance the workflow user interface aim to streamline actions, settings, and execution logs for an improved user experience.

👩 Contacts Updates:

1. Multiple Phone Numbers and Labels: Users can now add multiple phone numbers to a single contact and label each number according to its use, such as mobile or landline.

2. Custom Fields for Opportunities: Similar to workflows, contacts now support custom fields for opportunities. Users can create and manage folders and fields for more organized data.

Upcoming Contacts Features (Q3):

1. Readable Emails: The platform aims to improve the email interface, making it more user-friendly and easier to read.

2. Lead Scoring: Lead scoring will be introduced to gauge contact activity and intent. Users can set up rules to assign scores to contacts based on their engagement, allowing for prioritized conversation handling.

3. Activities in Conversation Panel: The conversation panel will become more interactive, displaying real-time updates on various activities such as appointments created, received payments, and more.

4. Filter for Messages: A filter option will be introduced to allow users to filter messages based on specific criteria, such as communication channel or activities.

5. Live Chat Support: Live chat functionality will be added to enable real-time conversations between users and website visitors, enhancing engagement and customer support.

↔ Integration and Platform Enhancements:

1. Facebook Integration: Changes were made to improve the stability and reliability of Facebook integration. The view and change page option will be restricted to admins only to ensure more controlled access.

2. Google My Business (GMB) Integration: Improvements were made to the GMB integration, addressing issues with PSID errors during the setup process.

Upcoming Integration Features (Q3):

1. LinkedIn Integration: A new integration with LinkedIn will be introduced, allowing users to sync lead ad forms and other communication from LinkedIn with the platform.

2. Multiple Pages per Account: Users will be able to add multiple Facebook pages and GMB pages to a single sub-account, streamlining management for businesses with multiple pages.

3. Native GMB Settings Management: Users will be able to manage GMB settings directly from the platform, including chat widget pictures and other configuration options.

These updates and upcoming features reflect the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement, providing users with more powerful tools and a better overall experience for managing calendars, workflows, contacts, conversations, and integrations.

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