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Extendly Acquires Stake in Noomerik – Expanding Payment Processing Solutions for Agencies Using Highlevel

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Extendly, a leading provider of white label support services for marketing agencies and SaaSprenuer, is pleased to announce an acquisition stake into Noomerik, a prominent payment processing company. The acquisition brings together two industry leaders, committed to leveling the playing field for ambitious entrepreneurs and equipping them with the tools and support they need to succeed.

Extendly Noomeriik

Noomerik has gained recognition for its dual pricing model, which offers agencies a distinct advantage by eliminating traditional processing fees for credit card payments. Instead, the cost can be passed on to the customer, resulting in significant savings for the merchant and without experiencing any impact to processing volume. By leveraging the ACH/E-Check payment method, merchants can enjoy a flat rate with no fees, resulting in cost reductions ranging from 50% to 90% when compared to other providers such as Stripe.

The benefits of Noomerik’s payment processing solutions extend beyond cost savings. Unlike competing platforms, Noomerik ensures account stability for its clients, preventing the risk of being unexpectedly terminated from the platform and losing cashflow overnight. With traditional processing methods and fully underwritten merchant accounts, Noomerik provides a secure and reliable payment environment for businesses of all sizes, including those classified as “high” risk.

“Traditionally, HighLevel built their agencies by using Stripe for their payment processing needs, since it was the only integration available. However, lately there have been numerous cases where Stripe has been shutting down businesses arbitrarily deemed “high risk”, which includes agencies who are simply using the HighLevel platform for their needs. However, with a traditional merchant account fully underwritten, your business is protected. Along with our advanced SaaS configurator, member portal, subscription management, and other cutting-edge features, Noomerik offers the agencies cost savings and stability,” said Joshua Knox, CEO of Noomerik. “By partnering with Noomerik, agencies can monetize payments in their own SaaS businesses while providing enhanced value to their clients.”

“Our acquisition stake of Noomerik is a strategic move to expand our offerings for agencies and SaaSprenuer and to provide unparalleled value to all our clients,” said Beant Singh, CEO of Extendly. “Noomerik’s dual pricing model and advanced features perfectly align with our commitment to offering comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable payment solutions. We are excited to welcome the Noomerik team into the Extendly family and look forward to delivering even greater benefits to our customers.”

As a complete payment solution, Noomerik not only offers cutting-edge technology but also acts as an advisor, educating businesses on the intricacies of payment processing. With a focus on empowering merchants, Noomerik ensures that its clients understand the nuances of merchant accounts and gateways, making informed decisions that optimize their payment strategies.

The acquisition stake of Noomerik by Extendly represents a significant milestone for both companies, solidifying their positions as industry leaders and paving the way for future innovations in the payment processing landscape.

About Extendly:
Extendly is a leading provider of white label support services for marketing agencies and SaaSprenuers. With a mission to level the playing field for HighLevel users, Extendly equips entrepreneurs with comprehensive solutions and support, including 24/7 Branded WhiteLabel Support and the innovative SaaS Agency In A Box System. By empowering ambitious individuals, Extendly aims to increase their chances of success and enable them to realize their potential.

For more information about Extendly, please visit https://www.getextendly.com

About Noomerik:
Noomerik is the only third-party payment solution directly integrated into HighLevel with the ability to service everything from “high” to “low” risk merchants while providing face-to-face hands-on support for their clients. Noomerik offers white label payment services for agencies with a focus on helping them grow and provide those same payment services to their clients. Noomerik’s mission is to help every agency owner and their clients not only save money but get the best service and education possible about payment strategy for their business.

For more information about Noomerik, please visit https://noomerik.com/

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