GoHighLevel Pricing Plans Comparison: Starter vs. Unlimited vs. Pro [2024]

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans Comparison: Starter vs. Unlimited vs. Pro [2024]

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

Are you looking to improve your digital marketing but aren’t sure which tools would work best for your budget and business? Choosing the correct software may be difficult, especially with the number of possibilities available. In this blog we’ll look at one of the most popular marketing platforms, GoHighLevel

Whether you’re a lone entrepreneur, a booming agency, or anywhere in between, GoHighLevel has three separate price options geared to your specific needs and size. We will go over each plan in depth to help you decide which one best fits your objectives and budget.

Table of Contents:

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans Comparison:

Agency Starter Plan ($97 per month).

GHL starter plan

The Agency Starter Plan is GoHighLevel's entry-level product, designed to provide a solid foundation for firms that are just getting started with sophisticated digital marketing. Here's what this proposal includes:

Key features:

1. Setup Up to Three Sub-Accounts: With this plan, you may manage your business activities from up to three sub-accounts. It's ideal for small enterprises or solitary entrepreneurs that need to handle several projects or clients.

2. Unlimited Contacts & Users: You may add as many contacts and users as you like at no additional cost. This feature ensures that your expansion is not constrained by your plan.

3. CRM & Pipeline Management: Easily track your leads and clients with GoHighLevel's integrated CRM and pipeline management capabilities. You can automate follow-ups, manage assignments, and make sure no leads slip between the gaps.

4. Marketing Automation: Automate your marketing initiatives to make them easier to manage. You may create email and SMS marketing sequences, automated answers, and other workflows to engage your audience without requiring manual participation.

5. Funnel & Landing Page Builder: Create high-converting funnels and landing pages with GoHighLevel’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. You don’t need to be a tech expert to design professional pages that capture leads and drive conversions.

6. Calendar & Appointment Management: An integrated calendar system can help you streamline your scheduling procedure. Clients may arrange meetings immediately, which reduces back-and-forth scheduling and keeps you organized.

7. Reputation Management: Use review monitoring and response technologies to manage and improve your internet reputation. Positive reviews may be prominently displayed on your website, while bad criticism can be handled quickly.

8. SMS & Email Marketing: With complete SMS and email marketing capabilities, you may reach your target audience wherever they are most engaged. Create targeted campaigns and monitor their effectiveness to improve your outreach efforts.

9. Call Tracking: Keep track of all inbound and outbound calls with call tracking features. This helps in monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns and improving customer interactions.

10. Reporting & Analytics: Detailed reporting and analytics can provide you with insights into your marketing performance. Track critical indicators to make educated decisions and continuously improve your tactics.

11. White Label: GoHighLevel white-labeling refers to customizing and branding the platform with your company's identity. It allows your business to present GoHighLevel's features and services under its brand name and logo, creating a cohesive brand experience for its clients.

12. Basic API Access: Public API access includes sub-account API keys, Zapier integration, team calendar, calendar/services, appointments contacts, forms/surveys, opportunities, tasks, and Mailgun integration.

Best Suited For:

The Agency Starter Plan is great for new firms, single entrepreneurs, and freelancers that want a strong yet economical solution to manage their marketing and sales activities. It has all of the necessary features to get your business off the ground and expanding consistently.

Agency Unlimited Plan ($297 per month).

GHL unlimited plan

The Agency Unlimited Plan is GoHighLevel's mid-tier option, intended for expanding enterprises and marketing agencies who want more sophisticated features and flexibility. Here's what this proposal includes:

Key features:

1. All Starter Plan Features: The Agency Unlimited Plan includes all of the Starter Plan's features, including CRM and pipeline management, marketing automation, funnel and landing page builders, calendar and appointment management, reputation management, SMS and email marketing, call tracking, membership sites, White Label, basic API access, reporting and analytics.

2. Unlimited Sub-Accounts: Unlike the Agency Starter Plan, the Unlimited Plan allows you to set up an infinite number of sub-accounts. This is ideal for agencies that handle several customers or enterprises with various brands.

3. White Label Web App: Personalize the GoHighLevel platform with your own branding. This white label function allows you to provide a professional image to your clients, as if the program were your own exclusive product.

4. White Label Mobile App: In addition to the white label web app, the unlimited plan includes a white label mobile app. This allows you to provide your clients with a fully branded mobile experience, enhancing your professional image and making it easier for clients to access their information on the go.

5. Branded Web App - Custom Domains: Increase your brand's visibility with a branded web app and custom domains. This tool enables you to provide a consistent and branded experience to your customers.

6. Phone & Email Rebilling Without Markup: The plan offers the option to rebill phone and email services to your clients without using markup. This function enables agencies to pass on communication costs straight to their clients without incurring additional charges.

7. Automated Workflows: Create complicated automation processes that can manage a variety of marketing activities and consumer interactions. This helps to provide a more tailored experience for your clients and prospects.

8. Enhanced Support: Receive priority support to guarantee that any difficulties or inquiries are resolved as soon as possible. This is critical for agencies that require consistent and timely help to keep operations running smoothly.

9. Membership Sites: Build and manage membership sites with ease. This tool is ideal for organizations that provide online courses, subscriptions, or special material to their audience.

10. Client Reporting: Give your clients thorough reports on their campaigns and marketing results. This feature contributes to preserving openness and creating confidence with your clients.

Best Suited For:

The Agency Unlimited Plan is best suited for marketing agencies, large corporations, and enterprises that demand advanced features, flexibility, and scalability. It provides the capabilities required to properly manage several clients or brands, as well as to provide clients with a professional and personalized experience.

Agency Pro Plan ($497 per month).

GHL pro plan
Api access

API Access is a feature included in both the Agency Unlimited and Agency Pro plans of GoHighLevel. However, the level of support and customization options available might vary between these plans. Let’s break down the differences and what you can expect from API Access in each plan:

Agency Unlimited Plan ($97 & $297/month)

Basic API Access Features:

1. Custom Integrations: Create integrations with other tools and platforms for seamless data flow and expanded functionality.

2. Data Syncing: Ensure accurate and up-to-date information across all business tools by syncing data across platforms.

3. Automated Workflows: Integrate with other automation technologies to create sophisticated processes and automate marketing jobs.

4. Basic Support: The Agency Unlimited Plan includes standard assistance for API requests and problems. You will get access to documentation and community forums to assist with integration configurations.

It also includes:

1. Public API Access.
2. Sub-Account API Keys.
3. Zapier Integration.
4. Team Calendar.
5. Calendar/Services.
6. Appointments Contacts.
7. Form/Surveys.
8. Opportunities.
9. Task.
10. Mailgun.

Agency Pro Plan ($497/month)

Advanced API Access Features:

1. All Features of the Unlimited Plan: The Pro Plan contains all capabilities from the Agency Unlimited Plan, including custom integrations, data synchronization, and automated processes.

2. Priority Support: The Pro Plan provides priority help for API-related inquiries and issues. This allows for faster response times and access to dedicated support resources.

3. Enhanced Customization: The Pro Plan provides more customization choices and complex API endpoints, allowing for greater integration and platform flexibility.

4. SaaS Mode Integrations: API Access enhances functionality and user experience by enabling deeper integrations and modifications inside branded software solutions.

It also includes:

1. Everything in Basic API.
2. OAuth 2.0 API.
3. Create Sub-Account.
4. Update a Sub-Account.
5. Load a Snapshot.
6. Get Sub-Account by Sub-Account ID.
7. Delete Sub-Account Twilio Account.
8. Create a User.
9. Get User by Sub-Account.
10. Get Agency by User ID.
11. Update a User.
12. Get all Snapshots.

Rebilling in GoHighLevel Plans

Rebilling is available in both the Agency Unlimited and Agency Pro plans of GoHighLevel. However, the sorts of services that can be rebilled and the methods offered vary per plan. This is a full comparison:

Agency Unlimited Plan ($297 per month)


This package enables you to rebill phone and email services to clients without additional markup. This means you may transfer the expenses directly to your customers without adding any additional fees.

Agency Pro Plan ($497 per month)


The Pro Plan allows you to bill clients for phone, email, text, and AI services with markup. This feature enables agencies to create additional money by charging customers for the use of certain services at a premium.

Summary Table For "GoHighLevel Pricing Plans"

To summurize:

Feature Agency Starter Plan ($97/month) Agency Unlimited Plan ($297/month) Agency Pro Plan ($497/month)
Sub-Accounts Up to 3 Sub-Accounts Unlimited Sub-Accounts Unlimited Sub-Accounts
Unlimited Contacts & Users Yes Yes Yes
White Label Web App No Yes Yes
Branded Web App - Custom Domains No Yes Yes
White Label Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
SaaS Mode No No Yes
CRM & Pipeline Management Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes Yes Yes
Funnel & Landing Page Builder Yes Yes Yes
Calendar & Appointment Management Yes Yes Yes
Reputation Management Yes Yes Yes
SMS & Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes
Call Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Reporting & Analytics Basic Reporting & Analytics Basic Reporting & Analytics Advanced Reporting & Analytics
API Access Basic API Access Basic API Access Advanced API Access
Membership Sites Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Support No Yes Priority Support
Rebilling No Phone & Email Rebilling Without Markup Phone, Email, Text, and AI Billing with Markup
Split Testing No No Yes

The Starter Plan is perfect for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, providing essential tools to kickstart your marketing journey. With features like CRM, marketing automation, and basic API access, you can efficiently manage leads and clients.

For growing businesses and marketing agencies, the Unlimited Plan offers advanced functionalities, including unlimited sub-accounts, a branded web app, and phone & email rebilling without markup. This plan is designed to scale your operations and deliver more robust client services.

The Pro Plan allows you to bill clients for phone, email, text, and AI services with markup. This feature enables agencies to create additional money by charging customers for the use of certain services at a premium.


GoHighLevel Pricing Plans
Understanding the unique features and benefits of each plan allows you to make an informed selection that is consistent with your business strategy. GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive platform for optimizing your marketing efforts, improving client management, and driving growth. Whether you are just starting out or seeking to increase your agency’s capabilities, there is a GoHighLevel plan that is suited to your requirements.​

Stay tuned for more in-depth tips and insights to help you enhance your marketing strategy and reach your company objectives with GoHighLevel!📢

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