Collective Calendars

Collective Calendars

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July 18, 2023 ● 2 min read

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There's a new update - Collective Calendars!

We’re thrilled to announce our latest software update, the introduction of Collective Calendars! This powerful feature allows attendees to effortlessly arrange meetings with multiple team members at once, revolutionizing the way you schedule and collaborate. Whether it’s a sales call, technical support session, or interviews, collective event types bring together the right people at the right time, enabling seamless teamwork and enhanced productivity.

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Benefit 1: Dynamic Sales Calls

With collective event types, you can embark on dynamic sales calls by engaging an account executive and a Sales Development Representative (SDR) simultaneously. This allows for better collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a more comprehensive approach to engaging potential clients.

Benefit 2: Seamless Technical Support

Tackling technical challenges becomes a breeze with collective event types. Customer support representatives and engineers can join forces in a seamless technical support call. This collaboration ensures efficient problem-solving and provides customers with a higher level of support and satisfaction.

Benefit 3: Insightful Interviews

When it comes to conducting interviews, collective event types offer tremendous advantages. Connect with a recruiter and a hiring manager in a single session, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of candidates and facilitating faster decision-making.

Implementing Collective Booking in Your Business:

Implementing collective booking is simple and user-friendly. By creating a Collective Booking calendar, multiple users or team members can share a common calendar. When someone wants to schedule an appointment with the team members, they can view available time slots based on the combined availability of all the team members in the collective booking calendar. This ensures efficient and conflict-free scheduling, saving time and eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.

With the introduction of collective event types and Collective Calendars, we’re excited to offer you a powerful tool to streamline collaboration and boost productivity within your organization. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to effortless teamwork. Experience the benefits of collective booking and unlock a new level of efficiency and collaboration in your day-to-day business operations.

Ready to take advantage of this game-changing update? Start implementing collective event types and elevate your scheduling game today!

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